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About Saferoad RRS GmbH


From the merger of Bongard & Lind GmbH & Co. KG and Outimex AG in 2011 a new leading group in the field of passive road restraint systems and road safety was created: Saferoad RRS. With a significant share of the German and international market Saferoad RRS now covers the entire portfolio of solutions for road safety and noise protection.

First-rate, well-engineered products, customer orientation and innovative strength and the immense experience of a specialist for development, production, distribution, leasing and maintenance of stationary and mobile safety barriers have succeeded in making Saferoad RRS an appreciated partner in European key markets.

Saferoad RRS GmbH - a part of Saferoad Group

Saferoad Group is a leading road safety supplier in Europe with more than 75 years of experience within the road safety industry. The Group offers a broad range of innovative and high-quality products and solutions tailored to contribute to a safer life on the road and lay the foundations for safe infrastructure solutions for the future.​​

Saferoad Group employs 2.500 experts across 13 countries. ​​

To learn more about how Saferoad is contributing to a safer life on the road, visit www.saferoad.com.​

Saferoad Group