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History European from the start


Saferoad RRS GmbH has been active since 2011 in the fields of passive road restraint systems, road safety and noise protection. However, the foundations had been laid during the past three decades by two leading companies with a long tradition. 

This is a chronological overview of the group’s historical origins:


The two established companies, Bongard & Lind GmbH & Co. KG and Outimex AG, join forces under the new name Saferoad RRS GmbH.

Previously, Outimex AG had been acquired by Saferoad A/S, Norway. A subsidiary is founded in Turkey.


Norwegian Saferoad A/S corporation becomes the new majority shareholder at Bongard & Lind GmbH & Co. KG.


Bongard GmbH and Lind Verkehrstechnik GmbH are merged into Bongard & Lind GmbH & Co. KG, which has 230 employees and is capable of securing a strong position in the German market for passive traffic safety and noise protection systems.

In the wake of expanding into Eastern European markets, Outimex AG establishes a subsidiary in Romania.


Lind Verkehrstechnik GmbH starts marketing BRITE-LINE® products under the name of BRITE-LINE EUROPE® GmbH exclusively to the European market.


The highly efficient Mega Rail product family is designed especially for the German market and for large infrastructure projects in Eastern Europe. Subsidiaries are founded in Poland, Bulgaria and Romania.

Lind Verkehrstechnik GmbH is founded, a company which produces protective barriers (to EN 1317 and certified by BASt) and special structures made of steel.


Outimex AG is established from the merger of Outimex Bautechnik GmbH, Förster Montage GmbH, Innotraffic.Net GmbH and Limes Mobil GmbH.


The introduction of European Standard EN 1317 strongly boosts innovation within the sector. Outimex pioneers the development of congruent retaining systems and creates the innovative impact protection system Primus for deployment on country roads.


Outimex Bautechnik GmbH develops the first temporary protective barrier type 2 “Berlin” for Limes Mobil GmbH and enters the market for road safety.


Inter Metal is founded in Poland as an Outimex production site.


Noise Protection is established as another successful division of environmental technology at Bongard GmbH.


Koch GmbH was changed to Bongard GmbH & Co. KG.

In September 1983, French company Outinord and a German engineering office headed by Manfred Dyrschka are merged to form Outimex Bautechnik GmbH. The new company’s early move toward the production and distribution of safety barriers is facilitated by its close cooperation with Polish steelworks.


Koch GmbH & Co. KG is established in Nentershausen by Manfred Bongard.