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Quality Management

According to international standards and testing guidelines

Quality Management

All our products meet the high demands that users and legislators place upon restraining systems. Within the framework of the European harmonization of road safety standards we manufacture to EN 1317 as well as EN ISO 9001 specifications. The Group's intense development activities have turned out many successfully launched products geared to EN 1317 standards as well as to many other international standards. Our ruling principle is to precisely align our product portfolio to particular local scenarios and requirements (e.g. containment levels).

A stringent control system covers every step ― from the entry of raw materials to the final check of installed safety systems. Our internal quality control is complemented by regular TÜV testing at all phases of the production process.

  • ISO 9001:2015
  • EN 1317
  • EN 14388 (CE mark)
  • Steel construction, manufacturer qualification “E“
  • ZTV-LSW 06
  • EN 1793
  • EN 1794
  • RILI 804.5504 (up to V = 300 km/h)