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The new Crashguard 3S is here!

You can find the Crashguard 3S at the Intertraffic, at our booth 01.422

Please visit us at the Intertraffic and gain information on our product novelties. In particular, we are introducing our new crash cushion, the Crashguard 3S:

  • Optimised values for lateral displacement as well as in the return area
  • Rapid assembly via a prefinished foundation plate
  • Maintenance-free
  • Tested per EN1317-3
  • Assembly network throughout Europe

Crashguard 3S – next generation crash cushion

In Europe, especially in Germany, a positive trend is developing for the use of impact attenuators in a more targeted and safer manner (e.g. lane divider ends), in order to clearly alleviate the intensity of a vehicle impact. Additionally, the restraining system should protect vehicle occupants to the extent possible from high acceleration values.

Current key figures point to particular danger areas when, e.g., obstacles are present in exiting zones. Danger areas exist here that can quickly lead to a tragic end that emerges from a small accident. Therefore, manufacturers prioritise the continuing further development of impact attenuator systems.

Of course, Saferoad also focuses on the development of impact attenuators and tests new systems for safety and reliability.

The Crashguard has been a product that has been used successfully for decades – the newest further development is now being introduced at the leading trade show for traffic safety, the Intertraffic 2018 in Amsterdam.

Numerous impact tests in the range of speed classes of 80/110 km/h have so far been carried out in order to place the Crashguard product family at a highest possible safety level. The Saferoad Crashguard 3S has optimal values in lateral displacement and in the return area (D1/Z1). The impact attenuators were successfully tested per EN 1317-3 and are listed in the technical overview list for vehicle restraining systems of the BASt.

All impact attenuators of the Crashguard series are compatible with numerous vehicle restraining systems through adjacent construction or can also be used free-standing. Vehicles impacting at the head-end are braked through energy absorption, while laterally-impacting vehicles are effectively redirected.

The length of the impact attenuator has been reduced considerably from 6,500 mm to 3,500 mm. Even so, front impact accidents are dampened down through delayed penetration such that vehicle occupants experience acceleration values in the most tolerable way.

The Crashguard 3S is available in parallel and angular construction. All edges projecting upward are rounded off, the head end itself can be provided with various head markings.

The impact attenuation system is supplied with a finished foundation structure and is thus completely installed in record time and ready for use. Rapid assembly is not the only feature that distinguishes the maintenance-free system, the materials are also 100% recyclable. Repairs can be done within the shortest time, because Saferoad is represented throughout Europe by an optimal assembly network.