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HandRail: Safety for all road users

Introducing our new product family for securing cycle paths and footpaths

With the new "HandRail" product family, Saferoad now offers a railing construction that better protects pedestrians and cyclists on their paths. The steel and wood construction is used on footpaths and cycle paths located next to roads, nature reserves or on embankments. It serves as fall protection for height differences or can be used to demarcate paths.

The HandRail system is available in two variants. One variant is a steel railing with steel posts and handrail. The advantage of a pure steel is its durability, which comes from the hot-dip galvanisation. It guarantees durability for decades without rusting. The variant with wooden handrails, on the other hand, offers a natural look and blends in well with the surroundings. The railing is also made of sustainable materials. The wood comes from domestic species such as larch, Douglas fir or pine and is pressure impregnated. This guarantees the wood-steel railing will last a long time.

Einfache Installation und Instandhaltung

Both railings offer flexible applications depending on the conditions of the path or the desired height. By ramming the support posts into the subsoil, no costly earthwork or even concreting work is required. So uneven terrain does not present an obstacle. Should components ever become damaged, they can be replaced easily.

The products of the HandRail family are safe, attractive and durable systems for the protection of pedestrians and cyclists.

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You can find out more about the HandRail system here.
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