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Steel vehicle restraint systems

Fahrzeugrückhaltesysteme aus Stahl

Saferoad is a manufacturer of passive vehicle restraint systems, colloquially known as guardrails. These protection devices prevent a vehicle from leaving the road and protect passengers and drivers from a vehicle collision. Our products, therefore, make an important contribution to traffic safety.

We use steel for our guardrails. This material is highly resistant and has the most important feature a vehicle restraint system must demonstrate for a long period: elasticity. The life-saving function of behaving as a crumple zone or yielding in the event of a collision is something that only a steel construction can provide. 

Protection devices made from steel are also easy to install, have a long lifespan and can be completely uninstalled again for replacement or dismantling with little effort. Steel is also 100% recyclable.

Read more information about why steel guardrails are the better alternative at: www.nachgeben.com

You can find our vehicle restraint systems in our Saferoad product finder:

Product development at Saferoad

We drive forward innovation and continually optimise our products through our own research and development department. We do this by drawing on basic research while at the same time feeding in our many years of practical experience. Our engineers are regularly on the test site for the transfer of the theoretically possible to practical applications and exchange experiences with other manufacturers.

Quality assurance

All of our products correspond to the high requirements which the users and legislator place on vehicle restraint systems. We design our production according to EN 1317 and ISO 9001 in the context of the European harmonisation of standards for road safety. Our intensive development activity has already resulted in many new products on the basis of EN 1317, which were successfully positioned on the market. Moreover, we also manufacture according to many other international standards. As a general rule: Our product portfolio is consistently orientated on the respective local circumstances and requirements.

A close-knit control system ranges from incoming inspection of the raw materials to final inspection of the installed safety systems. 

Member of the Gütegemeinschaft Stahlschutzplanken e.V.

Gütegemeinschaft Stahlschutzplanken e.V. is an association of more than 70 companies in the steel crash barrier industry. All members, manufacturers and installation companies must adhere to the special quality and test specifications of RAL RG 620.