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Simple, innovative and effective


Our leading products are the MegaRail guardrails system family covering a huge range of containment levels. Recently we also released the SafeStar guardrails family, which is based on a three-wave component, covering mainly the higher containment levels.

Those products, which are part of the MegaRail and SafeStar brands, are based on a modular concept featuring standard elements. While the regular single-beam-principle is constructed for the lower containment levels N2 and H1, the higher containment levels H2 to H4b require a double- or three-beam structure, which is capable of withstanding higher HGVs. A highly innovative connection technology give our products their consistent look and make them compatible with each other as well as with existing safety barriers. Low material input, swift assembly and ease of repair are the main factors behind the effectiveness and economic efficiency of the Saferoad products.

We cover all areas of use on roads and motorways and can be easily adapted to local conditions and requirements.