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Noise Protection Systems

Fewer decibels for a better quality of life

Noise Protection

Bongard & Lind Noise Protection Systems are made of aluminium and are perfectly suited for structural noise protection facilities alongside roads, railway tracks, airports or other noise sources. Due to their low weight they can be deployed especially on bridges, supporting structures or as sound-absorbing cladding on reflecting surfaces.

Bongard & Lind Noise Protection Systems can be manufactured, according to individual requirements, as reflecting, single- or double-sided, highly absorbent versions. Individual elements consist of a seawater-resistant aluminium alloy, which guarantees strong corrosion resistance and high durability, even without surface coating. 

The aluminium elements can be installed horizontally, vertically or in other assembly forms. Cassette-forming individual components are joined by a simple connecting system without interfering rivets, clamps or screws. A tongue & groove system guarantees exact assembly and excellent sound-proofing. On the perforated side an optimum distance to the external surface protects the interior sound-absorbing insulation boards from rain and dust.

Aluminium components:

  • soundproofing cassette
  • large-area elements
  • absorbing wall cladding
  • aluminium/glass framework systems
  • aluminium/acrylic framework systems
  • climbing systems
  • service doors and gates

Transparent noise protection elements:

These are employed where views of the surrounding landscape are to be facilitated. These systems combine the advantages of light aluminium frameworks with transparent material.



Steel components:
DIN 18800-7, manufacturer qualification “E”

  • posts for noise barriers
  • guard rails pursuant to RIZ LS 4 etc.
  • formation parts
  • structural components

Servicing doors and gates, functional range:
Noise barriers:

  • roads
  • railways
  • airports
  • non-public areas

Noise protection cladding:

  • tunnels and encasements

Bongard & Lind
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