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Vehicle restraint systems

Our protective devices cover all application areas from motorways, to A and B roads. They can be easily adapted to any local conditions and requirements.

Our product range includes

  • Guardrails
  • Vehicle parapets
  • Transitions
  • Terminals
  • Crash cushions
  • Special constructions

> You can find all the protective equipment we offer for the German and International market in the Saferoad product finder.

Saferoad’s own systems

The research and development department at Saferoad regularly introduces new protection systems on the basis of existing market requirements. In addition, its own system families, which are in demand both nationally and internationally, are continuously optimised and extended.


Whether for the German market of for export, the MegaRail brand has established itself as a highly effective, compatible and economical vehicle restraint system. > Read more



The 3-wave crash barriers are the trademark of our SafeStar systems and were specifically developed for export. > Read more


In addition to the development of guardrails systems, Saferoad also develops and tests the suitable transitions in its production portfolio, as well as the connection to the standard systems of individual countries. > Read more



Country roads are some of the most dangerous. Many deaths and injuries are caused on these by traffic accidents every year. > Read more


Our CrashGuard crash cushions was developed by Saferoad Holland and successfully tested according to DIN EN 1317-3. > Read more



The HandRail System protects both pedestrians and cyclists. With the railing construction made of steel and wood > Read more