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Our CrashGuard impact attenuator was developed by Saferoad Holland and successfully tested according to DIN EN 1317-3.

The CrashGuard series systems meet the requirements of the highest performance class of 110 km/h as well as for 80 km/h.

The CrashGuard consists of three, five or six deformation chambers connected to one another which can have a crash barrier attached to each side. In the event of an impact, the energy is quickly and completely absorbed by the deformation tubes located within the chambers. The impact energy is collected by the CrashGuard in a controlled manner and the risk of serious damage for the vehicle occupants is reduced.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Safety standard according to EN 1317-3
  • Reduced risk of personal damage: the system catches the vehicle and guides it back
  • Rapid assembly with a prefinished foundation plate
  • Maintenance-free
  • Quick repairs possible with the help of a European-wide installation network

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