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HandRail - Railings for cycle tracks and footpaths

The system brings safety for pedestrians and cyclists

The HandRail System protects both pedestrians and cyclists. With the railing construction made of steel and wood, cycle paths and pavements can be reliably secured. The railing can be used on roads or traffic crossings as well as on embankments or nature reserves – wherever fall protection or demarcation is required. There is a choice of two variants: Steel railing constructed with steel posts and handrail and Steel-wood railing as a combination of steel posts and wooden handrail

HandRail STEEL

Steel railing

The steel railing for cycle tracks and footpaths is a very durable product. All elements – both post and handrail – are made of steel and are hot-dip galvanised. Thanks to this corrosion protection, they have a long service life over decades without rusting. The railing has been designed according to the GEL 7 of BASt.

However, unlike the GEL 7, it does not require individual foundations per post, as the supporting posts are rammed and the actual railing post is screwed onto them. It is ideal for demarcation and fall protection on cycle paths and footpaths.

HandRail Steel-wood

Steel-wood railing

The railing, made of galvanised steel posts and wooden handrail and intermediate rail, impresses with its natural look and sustainable materials. The woods are made from native species such as larch, Douglas fir or pine. As the wooden elements are pressure impregnated, a long durability is guaranteed.

Especially on paths through forests and meadows, the wood-steel railing integrates unobtrusively into the natural environment. But in other environments, too, it is both a safeguarding and design element.


Brochure HandRail

System overview Steel railing

2-fach 1.300 mm / 3-fach 1.300 mm

System overview steel-wood railing
2-fach 1.300 mm / 3-fach 1.300 mm