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Country roads are some of the most dangerous. Many deaths and injuries are caused on these by traffic accidents every year. The Primus systems from Saferoad provide the appropriate protection for the widest variety of conditions on country roads.

Arcus Primus 90

Arcus Primus 90 is the first protective device which was specifically developed for protection at T-junctions on country roads. The symmetrical construction and proven suitability for use on sloped bends mean it can be used in many places.

Overview of Arcus Primus 90

  • Tested on the basis of EN 1317
    • with a roadside connection to Eco-Safe 2.0 incl. slope
    • crash tests up to 80 km/h
  • Retention level P2A
  • Quick installation and repair thanks to modular design
  • No visual impairment due to low height

> More information about the Arcus Primus 90 system

BOS Primus 2a

The tree and object protection Primus 2a protects individual obstacles, such as trees, sign poles or electronic control pillars. With a twin-beam extension, the system can also be used on long and planar obstacles, such as bridge piers or tree clusters.

Overview of BOS Primus 2a

  • Included in the BASt ‘tree guide’
  • Retention level N2
  • Functions free-standing
  • Economical and environmentally friendly
  • Flexible adaptation to local conditions
  • CE mark
  • Quick installation and repair through modular design

 > More information about the BOS Primus 2a system

Terminal Primus P2

The Terminal Primus P2 is a tested start and end construction that can be used instead of depressions. The system prevents upgliding and the vehicle is slowed and redirected. Terminal Primus P2 is particularly useful in places where there is limited space and the necessary precursors for a protective device at the hazardous position cannot be complied with.

Overview of Terminal Primus P2

  • Included in the BASt ‘tree guide’
  • Retention level P2A
  • Replaces depressions and prevents the vehicle from upgliding
  • Economical and environmentally friendly
  • Quick installation and repair due to pre-assembled construction elements

 > More information about the Terminal Primus P2 system



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