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Vision Zero

Safety is the only option

Vision Zero

„Vision Zero“ means in various forms to work against fatal and severe road accidents. In consequence building traffic systems, which base on the fact that human beings are fallible and according to this also build vehicles and roads.

„Vision Zero“ is a political statement with clear priorities. The German Council of Traffic Safety (Deutscher Sicherheitsrat DVR) states: While balancing values and targets, first rank is always the physical integrity of human being. 

Life is not negotiable.

Our mother company Saferoad (www.saferoad.com) currently has 2.500 employees in 13 countries. Vision Zero is also their driving force and primary mission – zero killed and zero injured in traffic. Saferoad’s widespread organisation and diversity of products and competence provide us with a continuous transfer of knowledge. This ensures continuous development across borders and finally helps us to approach our goal.